Our goal at TSO Medical is to supply medical institutions with the best cutting edge technology. For this goal we supply medical technology related planning, implementation and consulting, guaranteeing highly efficient operations for our clients. We provide the following services:

There are numerous underutilized infrastructure items in the Hungarian medical sector. These can become perfect venues for profit orientes medical services.

Development and operation of medical sites

Innovative development often comes with training of procedural problems. Often, new processes must be implemented at the participating institution.

Introduction of innovative processes

The first step is always the hardest. If you would like to know which areas are the best candidates for a new development program in your institution, please contact us.

Evaluation of innovative potential

After you selected your innovative technology. We procure, install and configure it as you see fit.

Introducing new medical systems

Profit oriented solutions are parts of a successful medical service mix. They can provide profits and financing for other activities.

Profit oriented medical services

Medical innovation is one of the most dynamic sectors of our times. We have multiple R&D partners either as suppliers or sales partners.

Medical R&D